Requirements / Age Limit

Vehicles are available to drivers over the age of 24 with clean driving records (no major moving violations, DUI convictions, or similar infractions). The Maximum Age for rentals in 80 years.

Exception: For US Government Employees on official business the minimum Age to rent is 18 years.

All renters must be physically present at the start of the rental. Due to insurance requirements, we do not allow third parties to pick-up vehicles. Our staff must physically hand the keys over to the primary driver.

Insurance Requirements

All renters are required to maintain full-coverage insurance (liability, comprehensive, and collision). 

FlexRide will perform an insurance verification with the customer’s personal or business auto insurance carrier to verify that the insurance policy has been prepaid for a minimum of 30 days from the date of the rental and will provide collision and comprehensive insurance benefits to cover the rented vehicle and does not have a deductible greater than $500. Minimum Insurance Limits for rentals: 100K per person, 100K per accident (bodily injury) , and 100K of property damage. Renters might be required to purchase CDW and SLI if their insurance coverage limits are below our requirements.